Carolanne Leslie, Interactive Conceptual Artist, Brooklyn, NY, is a performance artist, sculptor, painter, and digital artist. She utilizes a heterogeneity of artistic expression to illustrate the notion of interconnectedness. " I like the idea that the world the universe, all matter is interrelated and every cell, every physical manifestation as well as every metaphysical manifestation is one and the same. All things are the same and all things come full circle. The coalescence of mediums such as film and performance with the tangible arts like sculpture, allows the spectator to come full circle through the integration of the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual."

"The essence of the matter is what is important to me. I like to think of the tangible material of choice as an allegory for concept. For instance, broken glass is a metaphor for fragmentation,separation and isolation. The recycled windows and doors found in the streets of Brooklyn represent passageways from dark to light. The break/mend dialectic is a concept I have been exploring for many years. There is salvation in the process of disintegration. The worst of our dark moments, demons and struggles are blessings in disguise and serve as a catalyst for transformation. The void becomes a passage to metamorphosis manifested in a new space of regeneration. I am breaking the glass with purpose to bring about a new order.

Carolanne is an emerging native New York Artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries, festivals and showrooms throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. These venues include Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, Arch Collective Gallery, Carlyle Showroom, Beacon Coop Gallery, Avery Boardman Showroom, The Dumbo Arts Festival and the Bushwick Open Studio Arts Festival.

Carolanne is currently working on a series of performances that involve the integration of her body with her sculptures. One of the works is called the "Incubator", The artist physically enters her own sculpture, a glass box with protruding shards of glass and uses her own body like a paintbrush. She engages in silent movement to depict the human emotions of fear in the midst of the traumatic separation from the womb of the universe otherwise wise known as "oneness" or the universal unity of all matter.

Carolanne was a competitive gymnast throughout her childhood and teens. Her rigid and painful training at a Pre-Olympic level is what first prompted her interest in the aesthetics of the human body and further explains her integration of her own body as a means of expression in her artwork. With athletic awards and a degree in psychology to her credit, Carolanne then chose to focus her energies on the visual arts working in several mediums such as painting, photography and digital arts. She then formally trained and received her Bachelors of Fine Art at Adelphi University having been awarded a full scholarship at 30 years of age. She has since worked as an illustrative photographer and as a photographic retoucher. Additionally she receives commissions for acrylic paintings, light fixtures and light tables for restaurants.

Currently, she is integrating all of her skills into conceptual work and describes that work as a journey in search of light. Her art, regardless of the medium is a documentation of that search.

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